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About us



Canalside calm at the heart of Britain’s bustling second city.

The Reach at Piccadilly is located at Lock 84 on the historic Rochdale Canal. The waterway was vital for Manchester during the industrial revolution, transporting goods to and from textile mills around the North West and helping grow the city into the thriving hub it is today. Although the cotton mills are long gone, in more recent times the area around the canal has been the focus of a fresh wave of regeneration, with office space, apartments, bars and restaurants springing up and powering Manchester’s future economic success.

Named after the ‘reach’ or stretch of water that sits between the canal locks, the hotel strives to be an oasis of calm, where guests can eat, rest and reflect, away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

And just like the ‘boaters’ who, 200 years ago, used the many canalside inns to get a hot meal, share news and ​rest after a long day at work, we hope our hotel can be a place for guests to dine and drink with friends and colleagues, as well as enjoying a good night’s sleep.


The canals and early engineers (see below) who pioneered them were vital to Manchester’s cotton trade and in helping it become the world’s first industrial city.

Everything at The Reach at Piccadilly – from the bedrooms and public spaces, restaurant, bar and menus – has been designed to pay tribute to their legacy.

We’ve used simple, natural materials, such as coal, cotton, timber, wool, and limestone, that were carried via canals across the North West of England and beyond, to design elegant rooms with sustainable, yet luxurious furnishings, linens and toiletries.

Inspired by the beautiful craftsmanship of the wooden narrowboats, we’ve created rooms with stylish, yet functional features that pay homage to their famous and ingenious space-saving design, while also retaining a bespoke, hand-crafted finish.

Above all, we’ve adopted the sentiment of the canalside inns which accommodated and fed the boatman after a long day at work, by providing guests with delicious menus, packed with locally sourced ingredients and ales, as well as a calm place to rest and recharge after a day or night out in the city.

The Duke of Bridgewater

The Duke of Bridgewater

James Brindley

James Brindley

James Rennie

James Rennie

William Jessop

William Jessop

The Tribute Portfolio is a rapidly growing family of independent hotels under the Marriott International brand. They combine top class service and elegant ​design with expert knowledge of the local area they belong to.

Although they benefit from being part of the Marriott family, each portfolio hotel has their own character and individual history which connects them to their surroundings and local community. This ensures each has a unique vibe and identity, drawn from the city they serve.



We pay attention to each and every detail.

Our staff have been expertly trained to be approachable and to provide excellent, honest service to help meet your needs. We’re different to big chain hotels because we add individual touches to make your stay a truly memorable experience.


We like to look that little bit different.

Each Tribute Portfolio hotel has its own indie spirit that shines through in the look, feel, food and service it provides. Our rooms, restaurant and public spaces are carefully curated to be functional, yet stylish and to deliver a truly distinctive and independent stay.


We aim to capture the vibe of the city we serve.​

The bar and restaurant in our Tribute Portfolio hotels draw on the culture and buzz of the local social scene. They are dynamic drinking and dining venues, which attract not only guests but locals alike thanks to their individual, signature style.